It is. There may be other verbiage but that is what I had done to the last female I had spayed. There is supposed to be less bleeding and the recovery is supposed to be faster and easier. It is more costly but with a known FeLV+ I would consider it.
On Feb 11, 2009, at 11:49 AM, Lorrie wrote:

On 02-10, Cougar Clan wrote: You may want to have someone do it who
uses a laser....less bleeding and easier recovery. On Feb 10, 2009,
at 5:28 PM, gary wrote:

A laser spay??  I didn't know this was an option.


If she were my kitty, I would have her spayed.  Yes, there is some
stress involved in having it done, but there is also stress every
time she goes into heat.  There are other advantages to having her
spayed, like a much reduced chance of mammary cancer, etc.  I have
had many positive kitties spayed with no problems.  We can never
know for sure but the odds are in kitty's favor.


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