Orlando, my 10 year old FeLV+ began urinating on the bathroom rug just over a 
week ago.  I figured out who was doing it on Saturday and got him in to the vet 
on Monday.  They tested his urine and blood and the vet called me today with 
the results.  She said his liver enzymes are elevated and his white cell levels 
are high.  She is going to put him on an antibiotic and re-do the tests in two 
weeks.  (When I asked the name of the anti-biotic she side stepped the question 
and just said is is a pill wrapped in foil. I am currently looking for another 
vet because there is only one vet in this practice that I fully trust and it is 
very hard to get to see him.) 
Anyway, can anyone tell me what would make his liver enzymes elevated?  The 
advise I have gotten on this list has proved to be better then the advise from 
this particular vet in the past, so I would very much appreciate any input.

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