The first thing that leaps to my mind, from experience, is hepatic
lipidosis (fatty liver disease) which generally happens when a cat isn't
eating enough to sustain it, its body tries to use its fat reserve for
nourishment, and the liver gets overloaded with fat.  The causes for the
cat not eating enough could be a lot of things -- something that makes
it painful to eat like stomatitis or pancreatitis, general blahness that
decreases the appetite, etc.  I had two cats sick at once with elevated
liver enzymes, plus neurological involvement, and we think they somehow
ingested some household toxin, although the other four cats did not.  Is
Orlando eating all right?  Once the cause of the not-eating is cleared
up, treatment for the liver is to stimulate the appetite but to feed
high-protein, low-fat food for a while.  Don't know of any other
condition that would account for the uncharacteristic peeing, though,
and your vet made no mention of diabetes?  Hope it's all just due to
infection, though, and good luck consulting another vet, the one you saw
sounds like a piece of work.

Diane R.

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Orlando, my 10 year old FeLV+ began urinating on the bathroom rug just
over a week ago.  I figured out who was doing it on Saturday and got him
in to the vet on Monday.  They tested his urine and blood and the vet
called me today with the results.  She said his liver enzymes are
elevated and his white cell levels are high.  She is going to put him on
an antibiotic and re-do the tests in two weeks.  (When I asked the name
of the anti-biotic she side stepped the question and just said is is a
pill wrapped in foil. I am currently looking for another vet because
there is only one vet in this practice that I fully trust and it is very
hard to get to see him.) 
Anyway, can anyone tell me what would make his liver enzymes elevated?
The advise I have gotten on this list has proved to be better then the
advise from this particular vet in the past, so I would very much
appreciate any input.

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