I agree with the others.

If it's  hemolytic anemia caused by hemobartonella - doxy and prednisone can 
help.  Usually this can be identified on a blood smear.

If it's strictly the felv, only a blood transfusion will help and this will 
only buy you some time - in the matter of weeks to months.  

It sounds like she is in a bad way and would need a transfusion.  A/D food 
can't hurt but won't immediatley help with the anemia.  

This is where felv+ cats get really tough.  The guestion of what to treat and 
how aggressively becomes a very difficult question.  I have found that the very 
thin, severely anemic cats rarely survive and heavy treatment only prolongs the 
suffering.  On the other hand, sometimes they respond nicely and do well for a 

I am so sorry.  My prayers and hopes go out to you both.

---- mdgallo...@aol.com wrote: 
> My Macy is only 10 1/2 mos. and I took her to the vet yesterday because she 
> had become lethargic and wasn't playing. My son is one of the vet techs so 
> they know us and have been with Macy since we got her at 10 wks old. She was 
> a feral cat in the neighborhood. We even tried catnip on her favorite toy, 
> Mr. Lion. After an exam, urinalysis and blood work, the vet came in and just 
> stood there, too upset to talk. Macy's blood count is so bad they don't know 
> how she's even walking, although she still jumps up on furniture but not with 
> much energy. They said she only has a few days.
> I've read about assisted feeding but don't recall anyone saying what they're 
> feeding the cat. She is still eating a very small amount but if more is going 
> to help her, we're willing to try anything. I'd appreciate any advice or 
> suggestions.
> Dawn
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