Hi, Gloria,  Let me get this straight........Your vet vaccinated FelV
positive cats with the FelV vaccine to deal with FelV.  I understood
that once a cat was FelV positive the vaccine was not going to change
it's status, and the cat would still remain positive.  Does anyone else
know anything about this?


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gbl...@aristotle.net wrote:
> Sorry, didn't see your message till today.
> I've had 10 or 15 FELV cats over the last 6 years.  I have 5 now. 
> Two of the current cats, Oliver and Chloe, came from a lady in
> Oklahoma who had to give them up because of family problems.  Her
> vet there vaccinated them regularly against FELV, as a way to deal
> with the FELV.  I'd never heard of that, always believed that was
> not appropriate.  HOWEVER - these are the only FELV cats I've had
> that live beyond 10 years old.  Go figure.
> had that live beyond 10 years old.  Go figure. Anyhow - I also have
> a friend with 1 FELV and 1 non-FELV cat who are great buddies, had
> them since they were kittens.  She's kept the FELV cat on
> interferon daily, and they're doing great - now beyond 4 years old,
> no problems.  She's had them tested once or twice - the FELV- cat
> stays negative.
> Gloria

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