actually, there IS anecdotal evidence, on this list, that vaccinating FeLVs
against FeLVs results in longer-lived cats...... which is against what
"common" wisdom would say, but there were a lot of folks here and then off
the list whose oldest positive cats had all been vaccinated, either because
they weren't KNOWN to be positive initially, or under the theory that it
couldn't hurt....

DEFINITELY a topic for research at some point (because i'm talking about
cats who made it past ten in most cases, and some much longer. for those
results, i'd vaccinate.....)

they've never tested it, so like most things about FeLV, what they "know,"
is just untested hypotheses.


On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Lorrie <> wrote:

> Hi, Gloria,  Let me get this straight........Your vet vaccinated FelV
> positive cats with the FelV vaccine to deal with FelV.  I understood
> that once a cat was FelV positive the vaccine was not going to change
> it's status, and the cat would still remain positive.  Does anyone else
> know anything about this?
> Lorrie
>  On 02-19,
> wrote:
> > Sorry, didn't see your message till today.
> >
> > I've had 10 or 15 FELV cats over the last 6 years.  I have 5 now.
> > Two of the current cats, Oliver and Chloe, came from a lady in
> > Oklahoma who had to give them up because of family problems.  Her
> > vet there vaccinated them regularly against FELV, as a way to deal
> > with the FELV.  I'd never heard of that, always believed that was
> > not appropriate.  HOWEVER - these are the only FELV cats I've had
> > that live beyond 10 years old.  Go figure.
> >
> > had that live beyond 10 years old.  Go figure. Anyhow - I also have
> > a friend with 1 FELV and 1 non-FELV cat who are great buddies, had
> > them since they were kittens.  She's kept the FELV cat on
> > interferon daily, and they're doing great - now beyond 4 years old,
> > no problems.  She's had them tested once or twice - the FELV- cat
> > stays negative.
> >
> > Gloria
> >
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