For anyone living in Milwaukee, WI, the Wisconsin Humane Society has programs 
for spay/neuter, vaccinations, and food.  It makes sense to have these programs 
rather than having people surrender their beloved companions - we especially 
need our babies when everything is going wrong, and it must be less expensive 
to have these programs than to have to find homes for all of the surrendered 

Thanks for the reminder to be extra vigilant about our neighbors with the poor 

"Yes we can!" - Barack Obama

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> thanks for posting this, sue, because the issue of folks
> unable to take care
> of their critters right now, elderly or not, is becoming
> huge.
> folks, check with your local shelters to see if any of them
> run a pet-food
> bank--a lot actually do. there are ani-meals programs in a
> number of places,
> that deliver food for animals to homes where the humans
> can't afford to get
> the food, or can't get to the store to pick it up. in
> some places, there are
> programs that are funded by the United Way--they just
> don't get much
> publicity.
> social-service agencies SHOULD know about clients who have
> companion animals
> in need, and SHOULD be working with animal-welfare groups
> to help, but it
> doesn't happen when case loads aren't overwhelming
> the system, so i'm sure
> it's not now.
> sometimes all it takes is stopping long enough to look
> around: if you have
> an elderly or disabled neighbor that you know has critters,
> or is feeding
> ferals, ask them what kind of food they use because
> you're into coupons, and
> you'll keep an eye out (that's not charity, you
> see....)--etc etc etc.
> MC

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