Our Denzel was not really talkitive, but often he would yelp like you'd stepped on his tail if you just walked close to him - not even touching him. We and our vet chalked it up to the felv, but didn't try treating it since it was random (not constant) and he didn't seem to be in constant pain.

So far, no such issues with Tofu :-) But I must share this. She's so healthy right now, with so much energy, that a couple of weeks ago (while the little scamp was running up and down the curtains) my mom looked over at me and said, "The next time you get a cat from someone, you need to find out the REAL reason they're giving it away." Yes, our new little girl is asymptomatic which I count as a daily blessing, the opposite of Denzel, who was sick so often from the moment he came to us. Thanks again to all on the list who showed concern for her; she's a real sweetie!

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