Since my original post Orlando has finished a course of Clavamox.  In July his 
liver enzyme was 64.  In Feb. before the antibiotic it was 191, and last 
Saturday it was 224.  Not extremely high, but still odd that it is going up.  
He is eating normally and acting completely normal.  The vet told me to start 
giving him vitaman E and Milk Thistle and we will test him again in 6 months. 
Meanwhile I will just watch him carefull to make sure his behavior does not 
change.  At this point the vet is trying to avoid a liver biopsy because his 
levels are not that bad and the biopsy is so invasive.

---- Laurieskatz <> wrote: 
> I have experienced this twice with friends' kitties (accompanied them to the
> specialist). It was related to anorexia (we never did figure out why the one
> kitty wasn't eating..the other kitty had dental issues that turned out to be
> something else). Both had a feeding tube placed (E tube). From my
> understanding, this is an urgent matter.
> Laurie
> > ---- Sue & Frank Koren <> wrote: 
> > > Orlando, my 10 year old FeLV+ began urinating on the bathroom rug just
> over a week ago.  I figured out who was doing it on Saturday and got him in
> to the vet on Monday.  They tested his urine and blood and the vet called me
> today with the results.  She said his liver enzymes are elevated and his
> white cell levels are high.  She is going to put him on an antibiotic and
> re-do the tests in two weeks.  (When I asked the name of the anti-biotic she
> side stepped the question and just said is is a pill wrapped in foil. I am
> currently looking for another vet because there is only one vet in this
> practice that I fully trust and it is very hard to get to see him.) 
> > > Anyway, can anyone tell me what would make his liver enzymes elevated?
> The advise I have gotten on this list has proved to be better then the
> advise from this particular vet in the past, so I would very much appreciate
> any input.
> > > 
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