Hello and Greetings from Greece,
We need help from the experts, pls.

Before 2 weeks we've found out that 2 of our cats are FELV +
It was an ELISA bloodtest (this are the only ones here in Greece)
Now we wrote and talked with so many people but this made us more confused, 
because we have one tomcat here (so 3 cats in the home) which is 9 years old 
and he was tested Negative.
Everyone tells us something different , one time they say that we shouldnt give 
our negative tomcat a vaccency-injection for the FELV because it can be 
dangerous in his age and that he will not get FELV now and another one tells 
that we should go asap to give him the injection.

To explain it:
We took a stray cat before one year in our house, he was sleeping sometimes 
inside and had contact with our both cats. One our little cat girl got FELV but 
the older tomcat not.
We want to help them but dont know what is now the best to protect at first the 
old tomcat and what we can do with the both infected cats ? Because here you 
cant get INTERFERON etc. also you get here only the standard cat food like 
whiskas, Felix, Gourmet.

Please can help some expert here, what we should do now with our lovely old 
tomcat that he gets not infected and what we can do that we help the both 
infected cats?/
Thank you very much


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