Thanks v much Jane--do you happen to know the name of the other group? I'm not familiar with it.

On 22/04/2009, at 4:44 PM, Jane Lyons wrote:

Hi Kerry
I think that MC and Lance know something about it. If you go to the other Felv group, Sheila Smith's husband is a vet in Austin,Tx and he has been giving it to his Felv cats for quite a while. He was available to talk to vets who were interested in using it. She would be able to update you on the results he has had with it.

My vet was turned off by Immulan's website. Apparently the company had been sold recently and the original clinical trials were discontinued and the current owners were not forthcoming with information. My vet was not interested in working with them, and I dropped it because MeMe was doing well with Interferon. I wish I had more information to share, but if you track down Sheila Smith, you should get some current information.

On Apr 22, 2009, at 4:48 PM, Kerry MacKenzie wrote:

Dear all,
Does anyone have any experience in treating FeLV kitts with Immulin?
My FelV foster's new forever mom just sent me the email extract below from her ex (who also adopts FeLV kitts). She is looking for any info on Immulin. I wonder if it's akin to Immuno Regulin, or even IR itself, re-packaged for cats (as opposed to dogs and horses)? I wonder about this guy being taken for a ride---even unintentionally--by his vet, as it sounds pricy.
I've been trying to research on the web with no success.

I've also been unable to dig up any more info on Immuno Regulin other than what I already read several years ago--mainly 2 articles by vets supporting use of IR by Dr Mike Lies, and Dr Karen Thomas, respectively.

>>>Immulin - appears to be a scientific breakthrough that I am excited about. Results have been incredible. Its a boost to the immune system that in many cases has helped them to beat their diseases. The only issue is cost. It is a very expensive and intensive program. I am also uncertain about the stress of making him go to the vet so often and taking the shots themselves. Doctor thinks pros outway cons by far, I am a little less convinced of that but still excited about the possibilities here.<<<

Any info on Immulin, or (more up to date) info on IR would be very welcome. Incidentally, one Google result showed an email from a guy that said Dr Karen Thomas' experiences were available on "Jim's website". He may mean this website -- James's -- but I've never seen anything from a Dr Karen Thomas here??

Hugs to all and good health wishes to all your kitts,
Kerry M.

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