I've been using Imulan for Taz for a while.  I started her on it when she was 
about 6 months old (when  I found her).  She was very symptomatic whici is why 
I took her into the vet.  They tested her and she was positive.  She had a temp 
of 105, wouldn't eat and very lethargic.  I took her home and fed her 
everything stinky I could think of and started her on Clavamox.  She responded 
a bit and then I had to go out of town.  My vet had researched the Imulan and I 
had her buy a 3 pack.  she tried it in Tax while I was out of town.  I was so 
afraid she was going to die while I was gone but when I got back she had pretty 
well bounced back to her original goofy self.  I kept giving the Imulan once a 
week for 6 weeks because her blood count was only creeping up and had a couple 
of little set backs.  She has continued to do well and I've started her on 
every other week shots. So far every other week for 4 shots.  She still 
continous to improve and has been in the normal range.  However, she has been 
through 2 heat cycles which the vet says can stress them enough to lower their 
blood counts.  So I just had her spayed.
Interesting note, she said that with female ferrets that too many heat cycles 
without pregnanacy can cause it to actually get so weak it can die.
I'm hoping her blood levels get back up to normal and I can then go to once a 
month shots.  It's expensive but this little cat has been dealt a crappy hand.  
First she was almost eaten up by pitt bulls, then threatened with death at an 
animal shelter I took her to so I took her back, and then this disease.  So I 
have a vested interest in keeping her healthy.  She is the best when it comes 
to taking her daily meds, Pet-tinic, DMG and Myco-Immune.  She'll just open her 
mouth and take it.
So if your pocket book can handle it, I would recommend it and try it.  Good 

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