I used to cook for Fred, I would cook chicken legs and thighs, mostly thighs you get more meat for you money. Just cook, debone, blend it in the blender to the consistency your cats like, mine like it very blended, creamy like. I add an egg or two depending on how much I am making and I add oatmeal or rice, usually oatmeal. Then after I debone and blend the cooked oatmeal and egg together with the chicken, I add the supplements. Taurine, bonemeal, a mutivitamin, a little calcium, salmon oil and the supplements Fred needs for his CRF and mix it really well to get it all mixed in. Forgot I use the chicken broth to blend to the consistency I want.

Then I ladle into freezer safe quart size canning jars and freeze them to use as needed. Fred did well on it and put on all the weight he lost because of his CRF and some. He got bored with it after several months though and now eats baby food with added supplements. His weight is good and he is doing well on that.


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