How very sad for all concerned.  Gentle Bridge vibes to all these troubled
souls, human and feline.

Diane R. 

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Thanks MC - sorry to hear this, thanks for working to help them -


On Apr 30, 2009, at 4:04 PM, MaryChristine wrote:

> special thanks to everyone who has been working on this one all day; 
> we've learned that all three of the kitties were euthanized earlier 
> this afternoon, upon the advice of the shelter veterinarian, who is 
> very well respected in the area; the shelter itself has an excellent 
> reputation as rescue-friendly, the cats were placed on a long-time 
> hold yesterday, and rescuers were contacted this morning. this one 
> does NOT seem to be one of those, "oh, no, kill them just because 
> they're FeLV!" but terribly sad nevertheless.
> heather, thank you especially, for trying to do the impossible, and 
> managing to locate others who are as delusional as you!
> MC

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