Laura, I have known too many folks who have had "unusual" experiences for me to 
doubt what you said!  I am so glad that you are coping well with the loss....we 
are holding you and Charlotte in our hearts.

Debbie (COL)
"The time is always right to do what is right" -  Martin Luther King

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> This is what's so strange. I'm not a religious or even a spiritual person, at 
> all. But after I felt that overwhelming peacefulness - and this is where it 
> really gets weird - the air in front of me changed. The only way I can 
> describe it is to say it sort of smoothed over, or glassed over. And then it 
> changed color. It had a green tint. And then everything dissipated and was 
> gone.
> I told my co-workers about it today, expecting to be ridiculed, but 
> surprisingly, everyone took me seriously. Alison told me that after her 14 
> year old dog died, she had the body cremated. It took 2 weeks for the ashes 
> to come back. During that 2 weeks she both saw and heard that dog in the 
> house. When she finally brought the ashes back to the house, she saw a plume 
> of black smoke whoosh through the house and disappear. She never saw her dog 
> again after that.
> I buried Charlotte in the fern garden. But I know she's not really there. I 
> will miss her so much, but at least she went quickly. 
> Laura
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