Hi everyone,

Pixie is my best buddy and constant companion as I work from home. She's a 
4-year old female FeLV+. Last Thursday I went away for 5 days, leaving her home 
alone with a neighbor coming over for at least an hour each day to keep her 
company, feed wet food, brush, clean litterbox, etc. I returned from my trip 
yesterday and immediately knew something was wrong -- Pixie didn't come greet 
me and her dry food and water bowls were almost totally full (how I left them 
before leaving on Thursday).

The neighbor said Pixie didn't eat her wet food either. She is now much 
skinnier around the midsection/haunches and clearly weak. Straight away I 
syringe-fed her a wet food & water slurry before rushing over to the vet where 
the vet on duty found Pixie had lost over 1 lb (since she was last weighed in 
2007) and said her gums and eyes looked pale. The vet suggested Pixie might 
have nonregenerative anemia linked to bone marrow failure. 

She had some blood drawn, got weighed and had temperature taken but that's it. 
I'm waiting to hear the blood work results tomorrow. Vet didn't even recommend 
how to deal with the weight loss and probable dehydration. Didn't suggest 
x-rays either. This woman basically shrugged when I asked about courses of 
treatment (like, why bother?) for a FeLV cat who might have anemia. 

Bottom line: I'm terrified about Pixie and don't know what to do to help her 
recover. She's my second cat ever, and first cat I've been primary caregiver 
to. I feel guilty about going away at all last week, but she had been OK on 
previous occasions when I travelled. I've been syringe-feeding her slurries 
every 2 hours all day but she doesn't seem to be regaining strength and she's 
breathing faster than normal and I catch her staring blankly.

Any advice from you guys is much appreciated. 

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