Get a new vet...right away!  Poor baby....keep up the assisted feeding and let 
us know what the bloodwork shows!

Debbie (COL)
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> Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 21:02:52 +0000
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Pixie didn't eat during the five days I was away
> Hi everyone,
> Pixie is my best buddy and constant companion as I work from home. She's a 
> 4-year old female FeLV+. Last Thursday I went away for 5 days, leaving her 
> home alone with a neighbor coming over for at least an hour each day to keep 
> her company, feed wet food, brush, clean litterbox, etc. I returned from my 
> trip yesterday and immediately knew something was wrong -- Pixie didn't come 
> greet me and her dry food and water bowls were almost totally full (how I 
> left them before leaving on Thursday).
> The neighbor said Pixie didn't eat her wet food either. She is now much 
> skinnier around the midsection/haunches and clearly weak. Straight away I 
> syringe-fed her a wet food & water slurry before rushing over to the vet 
> where the vet on duty found Pixie had lost over 1 lb (since she was last 
> weighed in 2007) and said her gums and eyes looked pale. The vet suggested 
> Pixie might have nonregenerative anemia linked to bone marrow failure. 
> She had some blood drawn, got weighed and had temperature taken but that's 
> it. I'm waiting to hear the blood work results tomorrow. Vet didn't even 
> recommend how to deal with the weight loss and probable dehydration. Didn't 
> suggest x-rays either. This woman basically shrugged when I asked about 
> courses of treatment (like, why bother?) for a FeLV cat who might have 
> anemia. 
> Bottom line: I'm terrified about Pixie and don't know what to do to help her 
> recover. She's my second cat ever, and first cat I've been primary caregiver 
> to. I feel guilty about going away at all last week, but she had been OK on 
> previous occasions when I travelled. I've been syringe-feeding her slurries 
> every 2 hours all day but she doesn't seem to be regaining strength and she's 
> breathing faster than normal and I catch her staring blankly.
> Any advice from you guys is much appreciated. 
> Thanks,
> Giselle
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