I was looking over the Island Pharmacy instructions for Interferon alpha. They say

"Interferon Alpha 2a is available as a human drug under the brand name “Roferon-A” (Roche). The smallest syringe is 3 million units per 0.5ml. To prepare a 30unit/ml oral solution, IPS first dilutes the Roferon in 1000ml of sterile saline. This first dilution is reported to be stable indefinitely when frozen. A second dilution reduces the concentration to 30 units per ml. This second dilution should not be frozen, but must be stored in the refrigerator. IPS labels the 30unit/ ml dilution with a 90-day expiration date, thus a 50ml quantity is sufficient for 90 days when using the 7 days on, 7 days off schedule. The cost for this quantity is $40.00, plus shipping. "

I'd swear I've read of freezing the second dilution for later use - but they're saying it's not stable if you do that. Whatever that means. Any insight into that?

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