I have survived the death of two wonderful, irreplaceable Pixies. I honored the first who died by naming another rescue kitty after her (both torties). I miss them terribly but am very glad I knew them!!

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Hi everyone.

I really, really appreciate
the support and wisdom this group has provided over the last 3 years
-- when strange things were happening (frothy clear vomit, a non-dilating pupil) and I didn't know what to do, and especially during the scary and sad days surrounding Pixie's death. This listserv is an example of the internet at its finest, bringing together a warm virtual community of FeLV cat guardians from across the globe. You gave me the courage to adopt FeLV+ Pixie in the first place, when I was only a foster parent to her and had no previous experience with + cats.

It's been two weeks without Pixie. Grief feels like a private hell but
apparently I'm going through all the normal stages. I was in bad shape when I went to pick up her ashes and the woman at the crematorium asked if Pixie had lived a long life. I could
barely reply that she was still a baby when this disease snatched her.
But once I got her urn home and put it on the mantle, which was one
of her favorite places to perch, I felt strangely relieved: the awful
business of deterioration, dying and death was over. I
attached her collar tag to my keys (the jingling sound of which
made Pixie come running from any corner of the house in the hope she'd
get to go outside). I miss her 100 times day.

I'm comforted to know that many of you have survived the loss of a beloved cat and have eventually come to love new cats.

Onwards and upwards,


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