Giselle, life does go on.  It is just different.  I have 6 other house kitties 
needing attention, 9 rescues in the garage I am trying to relocate and a 
dumpster colony I feed everyday.  I still miss my Bright Eyes, Houdini and CJ 
every day.  I knew when I rescued this litter I probably wouldn't have them 
long but had no idea it would hurt so much to lose them.  

Every day I give hugs and kisses to the ones still here from the ones that have 
gone on ahead.  With time the good memories outnumber the bad ones but there 
will always be a special place in your heart for your dear sweet Pixie.  

For me helping other special needs kitties helps to fill the voids.  You will 
find something that works for you.  When you least expect it another beloved 
companion will enter your life.

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> Date: Thursday, May 28, 2009, 5:39 PM
> Hi everyone. 
> I really, really appreciate
> the support and wisdom this group has provided over the
> last 3 years
> -- when strange things were happening (frothy clear vomit,
> a non-dilating pupil) and I didn't know what to do, and
> especially during the scary and sad days surrounding Pixie's
> death. This listserv is an example of the internet at its
> finest, bringing together a
> warm virtual community of FeLV cat guardians from across
> the globe. You gave me the courage to adopt FeLV+ Pixie in
> the first place, when I was only a foster parent to her and
> had no previous experience with + cats.
> It's been two weeks without Pixie. Grief feels like a
> private hell but
> apparently I'm going through all the normal stages. I was
> in bad shape when I went to pick up her ashes and the woman
> at the crematorium asked if Pixie had lived a long life. I
> could
> barely reply that she was still a baby when this disease
> snatched her.
> But once I got her urn home and put it on the mantle, which
> was one
> of her favorite places to perch, I felt strangely relieved:
> the awful
> business of deterioration, dying and death was over. I
> attached her collar tag to my keys (the jingling sound of
> which
> made Pixie come running from any corner of the house in the
> hope she'd
> get to go outside). I miss her 100 times day. 
> I'm comforted to know that many of you have survived the
> loss of a beloved cat and have eventually come to love new
> cats.
> Onwards and upwards,
> Giselle
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