Not sure if the phosphorus was high or low but they recommended getting tums 
today and giving him some of that because his calcium was low.  He was given 
fluids at the vet yesterday for dehydration but they didn't think they needed 
to send me with fluids.  I noticed today he is eating litter.  I read it can be 
a sign of anemia or a mineral deficiency.  Now I'm worried he's bound up from 
that.  I went and switched to Yesterday's News but I'm sure he ate some 
clumping litter.  I tried syringe feeding him and he threw it up.  I think his 
white count is about where it always is.  We do bloodwork every 6 months and 
she compared it.  His hematocrit was about half his normal but I think WBCs 
were ok.


> From: Belinda Sauro <>
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> Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 7:54 PM
>    Are his Phosphorus
> levels high or low?  High can cause tummy acid and they
> won't eat.  A quarter of a pepcid AC might help with
> that.  Was kitty checked for dehydration?  That
> makes them feel really crappy and they won't eat.  What
> is kitties white count could kitty be fighting an
> infection?
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