Yeah, the vet does know about it.  He threw it up and she said that means it 
was recently ingested.  She said we can look at his belly today if we want but 
she said she felt while we were there and his belly felt fine.  I read, and so 
did she, that one of the main reasons cats eat litter is because of anemia and 
we already know that's going on.  I've lost the majority of my leuk positives 
over the years the same way.  Either anemisa or tumors.  We do full blood 
workups every 6 months to try to keep an eye on anemia but I've never been able 
to bring one back yet once the hematocrit starts dropping quickly.  I expected 
him to live longer because I've lost most of my guys with hematocrits between 
7-13 and his is 23.  This guy is fading, though, and I think he's probably had 
enough.  I'm just trying to decide if I want to do bloodwork and radiographs or 
if I want to just let him go peacefully without disturbing him any further.  I 
have no doubt that the
 leukemia has just taken it's toll on him :(  

He also has Bartonella and despite numerous treatments, has not been able to 
shake it.  We couldn't figure it out because any other cats I've treated have 
responded quite well.  This guy's numbers actually got worse after treatment so 
I'm thinking his body just doesn't have the means to cope with fighting it off.


>   I would be real concerned with
> clumping litter if he ate any, you know what it does when it
> gets wet.  Does the vet know about that?  I have
> heard that cats shouldn't get tums, will see if I can find
> the palce I read it.
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