Hi Amy,
A regular T4 thyroid test sometimes won't give a high reading until it gets fairly high. Fred always tested normal but my vet could feel a small nodule on his thyroid and we kept an eye on it. When he went in for his physical a year later she felt it had gotten slightly bigger so we did another thyroid test but we did the T4 and the T FREE 4 also. The T4 was within normal range and the T FREE 4 was very slightly high. We caught it very early and he had the radio iodine treatment.

Some of Fred's symptoms were, he was always hungry, every time I got up to do anything he would get up and follow me, just in case I was going in the kitchen. He ate a lot of food but never gained any weight. He also would howl sometimes. He drank a lot and peed a lot but the was because he also had kidney issues which we diagnosed at the same time as when we found out about the hyper-t.


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