I've been a member here for awhile now (I've posted my original intro below), 
but haven't really participated. My cat, McFluffins, hasn't really appeared to 
be ill at all and I am not knowledgeable enough on the topic to have anything 
to share. I was actually hoping to not have participate again, as awful as that 
sounds, since I was hoping that my kitty would be fine. 

I am now no longer sure that he will be. McFluffins has always been a very 
energetic and cuddly cat. A few weeks ago he started to seem less cuddly and 
now he's a bit on the lethargic side. He's started to vomit this past week and 
has lost so much weight that his collar just hangs off of him. When he eats now 
he always sounds like he's going to vomit, but doesn't every time. 

Our family really cannot afford the treatment options that I read about on this 
list. Originally I thought that we would be comfortable in just giving 
McFluffins a comfy home for as long as he could stay with us. It was selfish 
perhaps because I knew we couldn't afford large vet bills, but I thought that 
it would be better than nothing. In addition to that, I was never able to find 
a placement for him that wouldn't just put him down. Now I am finding that it 
hurts to see him like this, but that doesn't make money magically appear, 

I suppose I am looking for any advice and support on how to care for McFluffins 
now at home. I am sorry for not having been more vocal in the group even though 
I have tried to keep up with reading all messages and my heart broke a little 
each time I read about another kitty who has passed on, even though I didn't 
share that. 

Thanks for listening. 


(April 27, 2009)Hello, 

I have been a member of this list for a few days now since I found out that our 
new kitty tested postive for feline leukemia. 

We already have one cat, Jasper, who is about 7-8 years old. The animal shelter 
was unsure of his age when I got him, so we aren't quite sure now either. 
Jasper, as a rule, really dislikes other animals. Cats, dogs, he shows them all 
who is boss. However, since we have moved to our new house in mid-January, 
we've had a stray hanging around. Jasper, who gets out every now and then even 
though we try not to let him, actually didn't seem to hate this other cat. I 
saw them actually playing together which was a surprise to me. This other cat 
kept trying to sneak IN the house and was so loving anyway that we just decided 
to adopt him once we realized we might actually be able to have another cat in 
the same house as Jasper (we have tried twice previous with very bad results). 

We kept this new cat (my kids are bent on calling him McFluffins) in the 
bathroom overnight while waiting for his first vet appointment to see if he 
would even use a litter box. I was glad to see that he did, but noticed we had 
an issue with worms. 

While at the vet they tested for FIV and feline leukemia. This is when we found 
that he tested positive for feline leukemia. The vet that I spoke to that day 
didn't really try to encourage me in making any decision, but I have to admit 
that I thought about having him put down. I was not really willing to though 
because I have already found that he is a very loving and wonderful cat and is 
perfectly healthy at the moment. After asking some questions about how it can 
progress and the implications for Jasper, I decided that we would keep him. 

We had another vet visit the day after for Jasper and the vet that we spoke to 
that day was firm that there will be issues with the stray that we took in, it 
is just a matter of how long until they surface. She was much less hopeful than 
the previous vet, but nice and informative all the same. 

Currently Jasper and the new cat are seperated as Jasper was behind on his 
vaccinations and was never vaccinated again feline leuk. I was told that, based 
on Jasper's age, he wasn't likely to catch it anyway, but it would be worth 
giving anyhow. It was suggested that they be kept apart until his second 
booster shot in a month after this one. Does anyone else have an experience 
like this? Is it really necessary to keep them seperated? 

I have been reading all of the posts so far but feel a little lost since I am 
not very knowledgable on the subject, so hopefully I will catch up soon. 

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