I want to vent, too! I've had a bad, bad day!
I work at a county shelter and we have just about had it with people. A woman 
called today and told me that she was getting ready to call Channel 2 news 
about us, because we were so very rude. Why was she ticked off? Because she 
surrendered her dog 2 weeks ago - she and her husband "couldn't tolerate" the 
dog's destructive behavior - and we were not "doing enough" to get her dog 
adopted. Ummmm......you weren't willing to spend any time and effort whatsoever 
on your dog, so why would anyone else? They decided to just reclaim the dog 
today, since they didn't want her to be euthanized. My colleague who handled 
the reclaim very nicely questioned the husband about his plans for the dog. 
Would they work with her, train her, try to find her another home? After all, 
we didn't want the dog to be reclaimed only to be dumped on us again. Not 
exactly fair to the dog, is it? The husband said he was ready to start cursing 
out my coworker, and apparently a nasty
 email is in the works. And someone else dumped his dog because she had a hot 
spot, and he didn't want to pay a vet, and when we told him that we had a 
low-cost vet we could refer him to, the excuse was, "She's too wild around the 
kids." We try to help them, and they counter with another BS excuse. I'm sick 
of it!
And you guys will love this one. Last week a woman surrendered 5 kittens. It 
seems that THREE of her cats had litters of 7 at the same time, and she needs 
to round up all the kittens and bring them to us, because, of course, they all 
roam around outside! She then proceeded to blame the neighborhood tomcats for 
knocking up her females, when naturally it's her irresponsibility that got her 
into this mess. They are planning to bring us nearly 30 cats in all. We had to 
euthanize FIFTY cats and kittens last week, and just as many this week, and 
STILL people refuse to spay/neuter or keep their animals confined when they're 
in heat.
This has to stop. It just has to stop.
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