Agreed--when I was looking for a home for Romeo, I was referred to someone
who apparently takes all the FELV cats from rescues in my area.  BUT he
never gives his address and they are perfectly content to meet him in a
parking lot somewhere and give him cats.  He may have been wonderful but I
found his unwillingness to let me do a home visit too frightening.  The joke
is that I found his address (from his phone #) in about 30 seconds--but that
wasn't the point.  Then I had someone who called me about all this
experience she had.  I asked for a vet ref and she willingly gave it to
me--though in retrospect, I suspect she figured I'd never check.  Well the
story her vet told me was awful and needless to say I was soooo glad I did
that check.  

I've worked on placing animals long distance for the Shelter I volunteer for
and its not easy.  But there's an application form, vet check and always
someone local who can check things out before AND after the placement.
There's also an adoption contract that says that if for any reason and at
any time, if the adopter cannot keep the animal, they MUST contact us first
and give us an opportunity to plan for that animal.  

We also always do follow ups==pictures, conversations, etc. You can tell a
lot from those about how things are going.  

Christiane Biagi
Cell:  914-720-6888 
Volunteer-St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter 

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    Anyone who wouldn't let you come over and see that cat is a big red 
flag for me.  You can't do that without an address.


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