This is a subject I've been interested in for a while, as I one day want to
start my own sanctuary (with help of course).
Best Friends is open to the public, and has no problem with people dumping -
I have asked people who worked there and they said it wasn't an issue, and I
asked what they would do if it became an issue, and they said they would
probably just take the animals, but they are large enough to absorb an extra
cat or dog or so with no issues..  I know many sanctuaries get animals
dumped on them, and there is even a local sanctuary here where someone has
been *stealing*  and *killing* the animals (they are, among other things, a
barnyard animal sanctuary).  I think BF owes a lot of its success to the
fact that it is open all the I"m not sure how to resolve this

I wish the OT list was still around.

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