Hemobart is around quite a bit, but many times it doesn't show on the test
even if there are symptoms, because the number of parasites in the blood
varies and are sometimes not detected.  Hemobart cannot be cured, a good
immune system or enough doxy will make it go and hide and do no harm, but it
is still there and a drop in the immune system with stress, trauma or
illness can bring it out.

If in doubt, I would just treat him for it anyway.


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Ok, so I took my FIV+ cat in for her check up and her HCT was 29%, low for
her and the same as Wolfie's was a month ago.  We checked her for hemobart
and she has also come back positive for the same organism as Wolfie, M.
haemominutum.  I have never had fleas in my home that I'm aware of.  All my
cats go every 6 months for full check-ups.  I'm going to take my other 2 in
next week to get checked but am wondering if anybody else has tested for
hemobart.  I read somewhere that leuk positive cats are predisposed to
testing positive for this.  I've also read it's not contagious so I'm
stunned by the fact that cats from different locations, brought in at
different times, have this.  I'm hoping that this may be the cause of
Wolfie's anemia/weight loss now that I see Sierra's HCT is possibly being
affected by it as well.  Fingers crossed that I'm dealing with anemia due to
this and not nonregenerative anemia.  My vet says hemobart is not that
common so I'm
 curious how many others have come across it in.  All my cats have had
numerous blood smears done (every 6 months for the past 5-6 years) and have
never shown any sign of hemobart.



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