I didn't price what Walmart charges for multiple vials, might even be


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Hi Gary,

This makes more sense.  I saw you said you gave a dose of 100 units and I
was thrown since my vet told me to dose at 100 units per KG.  The price is
actually pretty similar that way because you have 4 doses at $30 or 24 doses
at $240.  My vet's quote was for Procrit, 24 doses (500U/dose, dosed at
100U/kg).  I will definitely let her know about the Walmart specialty
pharmacy, though, since it's still about $40 less.  Thanks for that info.
It will be nice to not have to start with buying 24 doses right from the
start since this will be our first time trying it. 


> I made a "slight" error when typing
> below, it should say a dose is 100 units
> PER KG, not just 100 units.  How many doses one vial
> gives you depends on
> the size of your cat.  For mine it is 5 doses, just
> about enough to see if
> it is working.  You start with 3 times a week and as
> you approach your
> target level of hemocrit, you start cutting back to twice a
> week and monitor
> results and then to once a week and if you get lucky, maybe
> to once every 10
> - 14 days.  It just depends on how the hemocrit level
> responds.  Here is a
> link to an article you may find helpful.
> http://www.felinecrf.org/anaemia.htm#epogen_eprex_procrit
> Your vet is over the edge on prices, just have him call it
> in to the Walmart
> Specialty Pharmacy at 1-877-453-4566.  You will also
> need U100 insulin
> syringes, they are .5ml maximum and are marked for .01ml
> minimum so it is
> pretty easy to draw up the units you need.
> Gary

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