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> I haven't heard that anyone is presently doing any research on felines with
> Staph Protein A.  What would really be frustrating would be to find someone
> to do it and have great success and then not be able to get Staph Protein A
> because it is not authorized as a drug or treatment for anything.  Maybe we
> could get the USDA to give a provisional license like LTCI has if we can
> get
> someone to do a research project.  As you know, LTCI did not have a LOT of
> data when they got the license for that.
> Gary
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> wow, hebert, thank you for these great posts! (and your english is better
> than many who claim to be native speakers.)
> i have always been under the impression, tho, that FIV, not FeLV, was
> considered by researchers to be more analogous to  HIV/AIDS (an early
> hypothesis which i believe has been adequately disproven), even tho it
> appears to those of us who aren't scientists but have done the best reading
> they can that FeLV is much closer in manner of transmission, manifestation,
> and course.
> gary, have pedersen or levy done any work with this? they're the two folks,
> off-hand, that i can think of who have consistently continued actually
> researching FeLV--susan little, as well, seems to have been fairly on top
> of
> what research is going on..... might they know about any researchers
> currently working on this?
> i remember when i first got involved with FeLV, from living at a sanctuary,
> and i was asking why no one was doing safe, minimally invasive research on
> the three main populations of FeLVs in the countries, at that time Best
> Friends, us, and Angel Wings (in terms of population size)--i was told then
> that answering the questions that folks on this list and others were
> already
> asking would probably require catching the interest of a drug company, as
> private or academic researchers wouldn't likely have the funding..... (back
> to my usual comment about how difficult it is to do research on a
> population
> that is regularly treated by immediate euthanasia.)
> i'm not sure how many folks here really realize that a great deal of
> research on genetic conditions in cats could not have come about without
> the
> involvement--and fundraising--on the part of breeders, determined to
> eradicate killers in their own breeds (HCM in maine coons and bengals
> immediately comes to mind.) FeLV owners aren't as identifiable an entity as
> cattery owners, and while their emotional investment is just as great, i'm
> not sure how to mobilize "us" to perhaps do the same for this illness.....
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