hebert, i understand the fact that in terms of groups, FIV is closer to HIV
than FeLV is, but I think it's very confusing to most people to say that
they are comparable when you look at how they are transmitted. As you and i
and gloria all say, FeLV acts more like HIV/AIDS than FIV does, and it seems
that FIV's name itself has caused far more deaths than the virus itself. i
keep thinking that, had it not been identified as a separate entity in the
late 80s, (86? 87? i should be able to remember....) the heyday of the
HIV/AIDS panic. Should FIV be renamed, so that the immediate association is
no longer made, and so the misnomer, "Feline AIDS," would be less often

Or, perhaps, could we in the field, begin to add a disclaimer like, "FIV,
while it is a lentivirus like HIV/AIDS, is less similar than is FeLV in its
presentation in cats...." or something less pompous but more accessible....

it seems that, this summer, especially, there is LESS understanding all over
this country, of what FIV actually is and does and how its transmitted! FIVs
are, to be technical, coming out of our ears.....


we still need to get researchers -- and funding sources -- interested in
looking at BOTH of these viruses.


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