Actually this reminds me--with Skittles we were also told it was a type of
hepatitis, and not HL.   Since the vet tech was the one having all of the
direct conversations with the vet, I had mistaken that.

2009/8/19 LuĂ­sa Maria Azeredo Rodrigues Coelho (DGR) <>

> I thank you for your answers and I sympathize with your losses. I am very
> fond of Miles, as you may imagine. As Joana is.
> As far as I understand, they are not trying yet to force feed him. He is
> not having food by himself though. The vet told me Miles was on fluids so
> that he does not vomit. But temperature dropped to 36.9 C.
> The vet told us yesterday Miles had col....hepatitis (a disease with a big
> name) not hepatic lipidosis...
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