If he hasn't been eating a normal amount of food he may very well have hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver disease, this can be fatal and the cure is getting enough food into him, the vet should know this. You have to immediately start getting food into this cat. The two weeks this site states is incorrect it can occur in a shorter period of time of not eating enough, in as little as a few days (even in some cases in as little as a 24 hour period of not eating, especially if the cat was overweight to start with). Get food into this kitty now!!!!! Syringe feed or get a feeding tube, food and enough of it is the cure for this, this is not something any cat should die from, being FeLV has NOTHING to do with it.


Join this group right away, they are excellent for this problem:

More links about this condition:

http://www.vet.uga.edu/vpp/clerk/turner/index.php goods link from a vet site, make sure your vet is aware of this!!

http://colleenscorner.com/birthdaybear.html here is one person and their kitties story and how she helped her kitty survive.

http://petdoc.com/story/feline-hepatic-lipidosis-fatty-liver-disease it states usually caused because of other reasons, but in some cases there is no other reason found, in other words once the cat is eating normal again they are fine, I know of several cats that had nothing wrong with them that was ever found, they just stopped eating. One in particular was very close to death and his Mom worked diligently with him to save him, he also had a feeding tube.

I personally have been through this with 3 cats, all survived the episodes, all had feeding tubes.

Buddie had cancer and was being treated for that when out of the blue she became septic and stopped eating which in turn made her become anorexic and she developed FHL on top of the liver cancer and septicemia. She got a feeding tube put in and within 2 weeks of feeding her she turned around, I lost Buddie to liver cancer one year later.

Bailey also stopped eating at the beginning of his illness and had a feeding tube, we reversed his anemia and took care of the FHL but we could never find the cancer we suspected he had and therefore couldn't treat for it, I lost him to undiagnosed pancreatic cancer after 6 months.

Fred got a feeding tube early in his CRF diagnosis when he wasn't eating enough, he was eating but not enough to sustain him and syringe feeding wasn't working for us so he got a feeding tube. He had it for about 6 weeks and pulled it out himself one day, of course I freaked out but he was eating well enough by then and we didn't put it back in, Fred is still with me with CRF for 3 years now and doing well. He is 18 and slowing down quite a bit, he sleeps a lot but still enjoys getting on me for loving and laying out in the sun ... I know his disease is terminal but he has had 3 years of good life he wouldn't have had if I hadn't treated the problems that came up, it took about 8 months to get him stable after he was diagnosed with CRF, and believe me those 8 months were a roller coaster. His eating is slowing down again and he is losing weight so I don't know what the future holds, but as long as he enjoys the things in life he always has I will fight for him and do what I need to to keep him feeling OK.

Please have your vet test for FHL (feline hepatic lipidosis), it is something that can be reversed but can be fatal if left untreated. Food and enough of it is all it takes. Some people try syringe feeding, some try spoon feeding, some put food on their finger and gently put it in the side of the kitties mouth ... I do this with Fred when he gets meds and doesn't want to eat right at that moment to make sure the pills get down.


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