Thanks for writing about sanctuaries Carmen.  You are better at articulating 
the major points than I was.
Anyone traveling through northern IA should stop in for a visit at C&W.  What 
really impressed me was the accomodations made for special needs kitties.

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> I am a member of this list who
> doesn't get a chance to spend time responding
> to posts, but I would like to encourage those looking into
> sanctuaries to be
> sure to visit them if at all possible and that is a great
> idea about asking
> what happens to the cats or the sanctuary if the founders
> die or can no
> longer care for the animals. That is an essential part of
> questions to ask
> all sanctuaries as there are a lot of them out there that
> make the rest of
> us look 'bad'  it seems. I am the director and
> co-founder of C & W Rustic
> Hollow Shelter in Iowa and I know Laurie and MC and Sharyl
> are familiar with
> our work and we always tell people if they are thinking of
> taking any cat to
> a rescue or sanctuary they absolutely should go themselves
> or send someone
> they know to check it out. We have solid plans to continue
> past us and our
> board would make the decision at that point to not take any
> more cats except
> those who are planned to come here when it is time, or to
> go ahead and
> continue the sanctuary as it is now. We have five buildings
> at this time and
> are building a sixth one this fall.  But your ideas
> are so 'right on' about
> visiting places and finding out the plans for their future.
> Great ideas.
> Also, our FeLV areas have cats that are over 5  years
> and lost one this
> summer who was 18 and had one other live to be 19 years
> ago. That's the
> exception not the rule, however. Five years is a critical
> period for FeLV
> kits and sometimes no matter how much  you do for
> them, the end result is
> the same. Our philosophy is it is 'quality of their lives,
> not the quantity"
> and that is what we strive for. Carmen and furballs at C
> & W Rustic Hollow
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