I'm new to this list and I need some advice. Here is my brief story: we were
a farm family and people always dumped their cats on our farm, and I would
always take them in and feed and care for them, and add them to our barn
kitties. We vaccinated and wormed our cats and spayed and neutered them.
Then it all fell apart and we lost our farm and pretty much everything and
moved to a much smaller place on just 2 acres. I couldn't abandon all of the
kitties so I brought them with us and six of them we turned into house cats.
I would get them homes as I could. But life being what it is, our finances
continued to worsen and we spayed and neutered as we could get some money
together but of course, despite our best efforts, cats became pregnant, and
other feral cats showed up. Long story short, but default, I became sort of
a cat sanctuary for FELV positive cats. I have 24 right now and I love them
all. They are beautiful, loved, well-fed; and they are all so affectionate.

Financially things have worsened and my husband has been out of a job since
last November. Our income is now less than $150/week. I can't keep up
anymore with buying medications for them and spaying and neutering. There is
a clinic here that will spay and neuter for $20 and I'm embarassed to say
that we can't even afford that. I have a degree in Medical Technology and a
wonderful, old vet (when we were on the farm) taught me some basic doctoring
with otc antibiotics. They are still well-fed but it is getting hard.

We are going to lose our home and I'm in a panic. It's hard to find homes
for some many felv cats. We are going to keep our 6 indoor cats but how do I
find homes for the others? How do I find out if there is a felv+ sanctuary
in Oklahoma? I tried Google but had no luck.

These beautiful cats deserve so much more than I can give them all right
now. I'm really tired. I'm 54 and their care had gotten to be almost more
than I can handle. I have lovingly nursed and held many very sick kitties in
their final days, and I cry terribly with each one that doesn't make it.
I'm the one with a college degree so I have to go out and try to find a full
time job, and taking care of these kitties has been a full-time job for me-
doctoring, administering medications,worming, treating fleas, syringe
feeding some of them etc.. My husband built a nice cattery outside so I
could put the outdoor kitties up at night and try to keep the queens
separated from the toms (which despite our best effort fails sometimes). And
of course they all deserve love, affection and attention, and I give them
all some of that. I'm laying awake at night crying trying to figure out what
to do and worried about what is going to happen to them if we lose our home.

Does anyone have any advice on how to find homes for them or find a
sanctuary?  We think if we can get it down to just 6 (from the 24) we can
realistically give those the care they deserve if we sacrifice. I love them
all but I dearly love these 6 and would really grieve if I couldn't keep

Thank you for listening. Jackie
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