Interesting, I can tell you that my vet had the chance to use it about 10
years ago when he got some from a research project at his vet school and he
said it was very effective in turning around anemia in FeLV cats.

Also, I spoke with several distributors and it is definitely ONLY available
for research (they were pretty tight about what research was) said they
wouldn't sell it to my vet unless he could convince them with his
application (written, not on the phone) to buy it, that he was doing a
research project and would be producing a paper.  It does not have any
approval to be used as a treatment (like LTCI has) on any animal or human
for any reason.

If your vet can get it, please tell him to get it for me and he can ship it
to my vet.  I will gladly pay all costs to give this a try.

Or, if anybody knows a biological researcher...............


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Here is our internal medicine veterinarian's response..



Hi Laurie - I do know a little about this product.  The most recent studies
looking at this product showed that it did not help kitties with FeLV, which
is why it isn't routinely recommended.  Because of this, I have never used
it.  I suppose if someone wanted to try it anyway they would have to contact
the drug distributors to see how to get their hands on it.  I don't think it
is only for research purposes, but can't say that for sure. 


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