I run a FeLV sanctuary here in the states and have found that the best 
treatment is love and attention.  Having spent almost a year on interferon, I 
know the side effects of it very well, and would not wish them on any living 
being.( human or feline).
    spend time with them, show them that you really care about them when no one 
else did.  Let them spend hours in your lap, sleep on the bed, sun in the 
window just  as any other healthy cat would do.

just so you know Esther, my oldest cat here is about 16 and has had FeLV since 
birth, the rest are all about 3-6 yrs old and doing well

 Michael Johnson
Second Chance Meows
A FeLV Sanctuary

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Subject: [Felvtalk] Xana, FelV positive - interferon?

I am new to this group. I live in Spain and have some language difficults, so, 
sorry for the faults.

I am an active member of a cat rescue group. In july I found a kitten in the 
street with the eyes seriously dammaged. We went to the vet and all was well, 
excep the positive result to FelV. A friend on mine is fostering her. She seems 
to be healthy and hapy. I want to give her an opportunity to live with good QOL 
as long as possible.

Unfortunately most vets does not share my opinion, and they think it is not 

I insist... I read all I can find.

I am giving Xana
L-Lysina (for her eye condicion)
Vetinmune (as inmunomodulator)

And I insist to put her on interferon. The vet said that -in that subclinic 
stadium- the alfa (humane) interferon is the election treatment. When symtoms 
appear, then it will be the moment to give the omega interferon...

My questions are:
ASYMPTOMATIC CATS??  I know it can not clear the virus, but ... Can it to 
prevent the development of any of the illness related with FelV??

2) About propiobacterium acnes. I cant find it in Spain. The laboratory does 
not produce it anymore, and change it for a new product: Corynebacterium parvum 
(inmufort complex (R). It is used for cows. A colegue (that has a FelV shelter) 
wrote me to advice she is using it in her 8  FelV+ cats... she said is working 
well... her oldest cat is now 8 years old.

3) Xana has also chronic diarrhea, in spite I put her on intestinal diet, does 
no make solid faeces...

Any other non invasive tratment can be usefull???

Thanks for your atention

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