This is very very low dose - and has to be oral, apparently to hit the back of the throat.

I had good luck with it, but when it was withheld, like I said, things didn't go well. My kitties showed no apparent side effects. But many people have and are using
that protocol, someone oughta research it.



On Sep 29, 2009, at 10:24 AM, Second Chance Meows wrote:

my suggestion is to do some research on it. Interferon is used to fight forms of cancer, and is considered to be chemo. side effects include: loss of weight, nausea,hair loss, heart issues, pain, chills,temperature, and many others. I know your talking about low doses of it but anything that is placed into these little bodies that has the power to kill not only the bad cells BUT THE GOOD ONES TOO can not be good for them. their systems are compromised already. JUST MY OPINION..... before you make the decision to give this to the cat...look into your own heart and ask is this for the cat..or for yourself?? will this really improve the quality of its life or just prolong the agony its going thru or create more agony,stress for it?

Michael Johnson
Second Chance Meows
A FeLV Sanctuary

From: Esther Jorda <>
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 8:56:10 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Xana, FelV positive - interferon?

Dear Michael, Congratulations for your old kitty and thanks for your

Actually vets recommend me to put xana under low dose of interferon (via oral) ... they do not agree if human alfa or feline omega some of them say
one some of them the other...

*Can you, please, give some advice aboud side effects??*

You can be sure Xana has all my love. The problem is that actually she is not living with me. My home is a sort of urban shelter where live 24... too much cats... too much riscs... Xana needs a clean and quite environment... A friend gave me the opportunity, Xana is living in her appartment. She has to go to work, and so do I... So, Xana is alone all the day... I go as
often as I can... 1-2 times daily... I spend with Xana 2-3 hours every
night... unfortunately she can not sleep with me... I must go home, when
others need me too...

Speedy (my oldest baby) will be 20 y.o. He is at the end of his life... with
CRF, IBD... I want to care him until the end
Best regards,

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