i am SO grateful that i never had a cat i was about to adopt test
positive--all i know, until about 2002, was that you SHOULD get them

like the vast majority of folks, i would have followed the vet's
recommendation and euthed the kitty. i know of many in the shelter where i
worked who were asymptomatic who were just routinely killed: remember, tho,
that that's why we're all here: to learn and teach others.

i know it would be very hard for me had i had a healthy positive euthed, but
hopefully i'd have come to realize i didn't know better. how did we network
and learn from one another before the web????

i'm a chat host on a cat website, and when people come to chat or post on
the boards about having had their vet tell them to kill their FIVs or
FeLVs--especially when the cats have been members of the family for awhile,
and were just tested routinely--and they did so, i don't know what to say.
at that day and time--sometimes in pet loss chats--just doesn't seem right
to add more pain to their lives, but i get so frustrated...


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