I was directed to this site because of the "Mission Statement" being one of 
progressive treatments. I don't understand the negativity towards people who 
opt to treat their cats with newer treatments. If you don't want to treat, 
that's fine-it's just really mean to knock the people who are treating and have 
hope still. I did just lose 4 kitty brothers in the past 6 months-I only tried 
to transfuse one...forgive me for wanting him to live. The last one (at just a 
year old)  did not get that, but he screamed out while he panic-ed and couldn't 
breathe due to all the fluid in his chest-forgive us for having him euthanized 
to spare him a few hours of agony. The fluid came bubbling out his nostrils 
after his last breath. We probably should have gone to the movies until he 
passed. Why are you on a site constantly harping at and about people who are 
trying the products that are listed on this site as showing promise.....I don't 
get it at all-I know you care
 about your pets, why can't you allow us to care for ours? What I do know is my 
2 remaining cats have so much energy now-they beg to play with the laser 
pointer, Rosie brings her favorite mousie for us to throw so she can play 
fetch-are they suffering?? Quite the opposite, these 2 are having fun finally! 
I haven't had a cat in over 12-15 years, then rescued these 6 kittens last 
year-I didn't have a clue-never even knew anyone with FeLV cats.  Please 
forgive me for wanting to learn and try and treat the disease. I did not expect 
this site to have all the nasty "cattiness" (ha-ha) of some of the other sites 
when I read the website's opening page-have you read it? Here is a portion of 
it cut and pasted from the site:
Our mission in presenting the information on these web pages is intended to 
help those whose feline babies are not responding to traditional veterinary 
methods of treating feline leukemia. People should be forewarned that many vets 
are skeptical and will resist using these newer treatments. We urge folks that 
encounter such opposition to seek out another vet that is willing to administer 
these medications as recommended below. In July of 1997, the Central States 
Veterinary Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri held discussions on these 
newer methods and were optimistic about their use in treating FeLV+ cats. For 
more details on the protocols for these drugs, please review the book, The 5 
minute Veterinary Consultant: Canine and Feline by Tilley and Smith 1997. 
Although we are not veterinarians, much of the information available here was 
written by veterinarians. Our sole purpose in presenting these pages is to 
educate people on newer, more effective treatments for feline leukemia. Ours is 
a not-for-profit endeavor, even though we may mention companies by name that 
sell some of these products. Veterinarians and researchers are encouraged to 
send comments and contributions for this site to me: James G. Wilson 

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