Unfortunately, our darling 21 month old Pebbles passed away at 1:45 this 
morning.  We had found out in January that she was positive, and I want to 
thank everyone on this board for all of the good advice I have read over the 
past few months.  Last Friday Pebbles woke up with a respiratory infection and 
we have made several trips to the Doctors this week for antibiotic shots.  Dr. 
Laura and Dr. Courtney did everything possible, but Pebbles was just too weak 
to make a come back.  Even though we have lost her, we would not trade the 
experience we have had with her for antyhing in the world.  If we find another 
cat and they happen to be positive we won't hesitate to give them lots of love 
and tender care.  We still have 3 negative cats, and will continue to give them 
as much love as we can.  Good luck to all of you and your fur babies!!
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