Hi Ellie,

A long trip and a new home can be stressful for a kitty and should be
considered, although, I have FeLV kitties flown to me from across the
country with no noticeable effect.  I think I would be more concerned that
your sibling is simply not going to have much of any time to care for a
kitty.  Of course, a cat usually doesn't require a whole lot of care and
they do well in apartments, but if Brie becomes ill, whether it is a simple
URI or something more serious, will your sibling have the time to care for

If Brie goes to NY, there is no need to inform anyone of her FeLV status as
it only effects cats and I assume she will always be in the apartment.

Lysine is not, as thought by many, a general immune booster.  For a general
immune booster you might want to look into Transfer Factor, DMG, or
Moducare, although, as far as I know, there is no real evidence as to how
effective any of them really are.  There are also others, but the most
important things for Brie are a quality food, low stress, fast response to
any indication of illness and lots of love.


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Im new here, my name is Ellie.

I joined because my "niece" kitty, Brie, is one year old and was diagnosed
with FeLV about a month ago with a faint positive result (she is supposed to
be retested in 2 months).

My question is - my sibling is planning a move across quite a few states
(USA), about 12-14 hours travelling by car, to New York City. Her job will
keep her very occupied, literally up to 20 hours a day!! (I couldnt do it

No one knew Brie was + until last month because my sister never took her to
the vets after finding her outside, alone, at about 4 weeks old. So, I
finally convinced my sis to let me take Brie in to be spayed, vaccinated,
tested - and, that is when we got the diagnosis.

Just wondering, vet said that stress on kitty is *bad* - is this type of
fairly long-distance move something that qualifies as stressful? (will ask
the vet of course too!)

Has anyone used lysine supplements in an FeLV kitty?

Will my sister encounter any problems in trying to rent an apartment with an
FeLV+ cat?

I ask because I can easily give Brie a home; I have no other kitties
(anymore - both of my elderly (16 &19) baby boy cats passed on early this
year, one of CRF, the other of a sudden massive stroke, within 2 months of
each other). And if I can help Brie live a longer, happy life, I would be
incredibly glad to do so.

Brie knows my house, my family, has stayed with us up to 3 weeks in the past
when my sister has been out of town on business.

And I love the little baby Brie anyway! Just want her to live the best life
possible, and am debating offering - again - to let kitty live with me.

Thank you so much for your help & info!


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