Dear all,
My positive kitty, Sylvia, has been largely asymptomatic for a month or two
now, and has only had one bout of immune suppression since testing positive
(a sore in her mouth, which was taken care of with antibiotics and went away
quickly). She is positive on both the snap and IFA tests. My five-month-old
kitten, Beatrice, was negative as of a month or so prior to being

I'm feeding both kitties a mix of Wellness Indoor Health, Wellness Kitten
Health and Evo; Sylvia has actually put on weight (1/2 a pound) and looks
good. Bea is growing like a weed and very energetic, but has intermittent
issues with diarrhea and flatulence. The vet thinks it might be that the
high-quality food is too much for her system, but I'm wondering if we might
need to re-test her for giardia (which she had when she came to me) and do
another snap test for FLV. The vet wants to wait at least six months from
the first FLV snap test before we test her again. What are your thoughts on
this? I want to test her early and put her on LCTI if she's positive; if
there's a chance that she's positive but can beat the virus with some
medical help, I'd like to give her that chance. And if she's still dealing
with giardia (after several rounds of antibiotics she shouldn't be), I'd
like to get that totally cleared up. Luckily, Sylvia doesn't seem to have
contracted it. Diarrhea has only been an issue for her when she's been on
oral antibiotics.

Also: Sylvia periodically throws up immediately after eating. It's something
she's done since young kittenhood and it happens every other week or so,
sometimes slightly more often, sometimes way less (she occasionally goes a
month or two without it happening). Is this vomiting something I need to be
concerned about? It's only right after she's eaten and doesn't seem to
affect her appetite, bowel movements or behavior.

These two are my first pets as an adult (I'm only 23 and a first-year
graduate student); I'm doing my best to do right by them. It's a wonderful
thing to have this forum to turn to when I'm feeling confused about
something. The girls and I both thank you heartily in advance for your
All best,
Anna, Sylvia and Beatrice
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