First, lessen the stress on him and on yourself and give him and the others the best food possible. Rescue Remedy and Feliway may help you and the kittens.

Second, enjoy every minute you have with these babies. Don't look at calenders and wonder "what if" "when" or have self-doubts (almost impossible but try). Every one starts dying the minute they take their first breath. Make life as easy and fun and comfortable as you can for all you care about. Nibbler and his sibblings have a hard row ahead of them but think what their lives would be like if you and your husband hadn't cared? Dixie Louise lived 3 years when the vets were betting a much shorter time. She had everything I thought she might possibly want (with the exception of mice to chase and, had I known she was going to leave so suddenly, I might have gotten her the mice). She was full grown when she came into my life as a throw- away. She was the most wonderful little girl and I would not trade one second with her for anything. That time is well worth the pain.

If you have a holistic vet in your area, seek her help. Dixie had her regular vets who are marvelous and she had a great holistic vet, Betty Boswell. I credit the combination of styles for her happy life.

Blessings to you, your husband and the kittens.

On Nov 18, 2009, at 5:21 PM, Crystal Proper wrote:

Hi, my name is Crystal. My husband and I rescued three kittens that were 4 weeks old at the time, (now 14 weeks), from an old building. We tamed them as well. About 6 weeks ago we found out that they were all FELV positive. Two of them are fine and doing great. The runt, Nibbler, isn’t. He’s been on antibiotics to try and get rid of his constant runny eyes and nose…we had to stop them about 2 weeks ago because he has bloody diarrhea. He is very symptomatic and my vet says the disease is just running its course and has run out if suggestions for me. He’s also half the size of his brothers. However, I was hoping someone here might have some help for me because I don’t want to give up on him. Here’s my list… He has severe diarrhea. Today it seems to be much more watery and blood. I have been given him yogurt, acidophilus, and Purina Forta Flora. He was getting boiled chicken, but will only eat canned cat food now. He’s also been wormed. He has a constant runny eyes and nose. He gets L-Lysine, B Vitamin Complex, and Ginger Root.
Also, from the diarrhea he is very anemic so he gets Pet Tinic.
He still runs and tries to get into rooms he’s not supposed to and gets on my chest and purrs in my face. He’s my baby.
Please and help and prayers would be appreciated.

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