We just got the results back from the lastest blood tests-They are still doing 
great on the Imulan LTCI. We began them in Sept after losing 4 kitties in 5 
months (Rosie's brothers). Only one made it to a year old. They developed the 
anemia so quickly and died within a week of showing symptoms of slowing down. 
We were desperate to save the last 2 and found references to the Imulan product 
and begged our vet to order it for us. They have had 6 injections so far (1st 4 
were a week apart, then 2 weeks apart. We are at 4 weeks apart now-the next is  
Dec 4th-then we go to 6 weeks apart-very easy, we give the injections at home 
to save money) and their HCT levels are great-they have soooo much more energy 
and race around the house-I have never seen them play so much. We didn't want 
to wait until they showed signs of becoming anemic to try it, I hold onto hope 
that maybe, just maybe they can beat this blasted disease. But they have always 
tested positive (4
 tests in the past year) the last test June 3rd at UC Davis. I am almost afraid 
to get them tested again and probably won't for awhile. But their HCT levels 
range from 36-41 and Murphy has gained a half pound since Sept-Now up  to 11 
lbs 15.5 oz and little Rosie is a solid 10 lbs 1 oz-she surprises us because 
she is so petite-her paws look like kitten feet! But then you pick her up and 
get surprised, you expect maybe 5-6 pounds, not 10! Our vets are really excited 
about the product, this is their first experience with it. We are still giving 
the Interferon 1 cc orally 2x a day for good measure, since it is  relatively 
cheap and is also somewhat anti-viral. (I'm on the fence with the 
Interferon...we were giving it to the other 4 that died..I think the dose is 
really low to have much effect on the virus when it ramps up)  I am just glad 
we didn't wait to start. Even if we just gain months or even a year or two, it 
will be worth it-losing the 4 siblings
 in such a short time was heartbreaking. Another thing we noticed...knock on 
wood first....they have not had a sneeze, vomited or had the runs since we 
began the LTCI, even Murphy's bad molar is pefectly fine, no gingivitus. We had 
open prescriptions for antibiotics in the past because of the constant 
infections. We are still very anxious over their health, but are beginning to 
relax a little bit. 

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