Thanks Jenny. A few questions:
Bridget is currently asymptomatic. Could - should - these treatments be used on 
asymptomatic cats? Would they be detrimental or would they simply have no 
And could any of them be used simultaneously with each other?
I found some info online on LTCI and immunoregulin and I've printed it out to 
take to my vet. I'd appreciate any links to studies, info etc. that he might 
find useful. 
As for the tortoises - let's just say it's a learning experience for the cats. 
They have discovered the hard way that not all turtles are slow, and not all 
have gentle dispositions. Everybody generally gets along well, though. I'll 
never forget the day that Duncan, my first FeLV cat (he has since passed) met 
my big Burmese brown tortoises, who'd never seen a cat before. He stood in the 
center of their pen and just stared as several of the big guys approached, just 
as curious about him as he was about them. They all touched noses for just a 
moment, then went their separate ways. I would frequently find Duncan curled up 
around Jack, my deformed ornate box turtle. And Baby Girl loves to sleep in my 
hingeback tortoise pen.

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I am glad to hear your vet is willing to try something.  It is so hard to
watch these healthy young beautiful felv kittens and cats deteriorate so
rapidly and die.

The treatments I am aware of include interferon - an oral preparation most
vets are familiar with and cheap, LTCI (an immunomodulator produced by
Imulan, it is a subcutaneous injection - you can check their website and
contact them or have your vet do so), Acemannan or ambotrose (either a
intraperitoneal injection or oral supplement made by Mannetech I believe is
their name you can google ambotrose).  I have heard that early on in the
disease high dose iv vitamin c can change viral status.  Other holistic
approaches/alternative meds include Wei Qi Booster (chinese herbal) and raw
diet.   There are other things out there, but I am not too familiar with
them, a group A strep product (it's a bacterial derivative tried in the past
with some success, but I haven't seen or heard much recently about it)

You really have 50 pound tortoises, wow, that's something else.  That is a
world I am utterly unfamiliar with.  Do they all get along?

Well good luck and God bless.  If you need any more specifics just let me


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