My Bridget - about 7 months old - has tested positive for FeLV. Someone a while 
back had mentioned a treatment she'd been using on a litter of positive kittens 
with good results. My vet, bless him, is willing to try new treatments - he 
sees a lot of FeLV in his practice - so I'd love to know what this is and where 
we can get it.
Bridget's brother, Chutney, passed away suddenly after Halloween and he'd 
tested negative just 6 weeks previously.
Poor Bridget will be joining the tough positive crowd (all asymptomatic) in my 
garage (I keep tortoises in it so it's heated and very comfortable):  Sunbeam, 
Baby Girl, Celery and Majestic. Plus she'll meet a couple of 50 pound tortoises!
Any help would be most appreciated!
Laura and Bridget
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