look under, "find low cost resources."

for some reason, not all computers will display results, tho in other cases,
the problem is not waiting long enough for the results to show up--the
database is HUGE. in that case, let me know....

best bet, unless you live in a big city, is to just look up by state, and
then go through the listings for places nearby: if you go by zip code or
city, you'll miss places a block outside the exact match.....

don't forget to check the couple of nationwide listings, as those have
voucher programs with local vets.

unfortunately, programs start up--and exhaust their funding!--almost as soon
as we update their listings, so while this is the most up-to-date listing
online as of a year or so ago, it is NOT up-to-the-minute.

(and if anyone has spare time to take on a state or two, we'd be MORE than
glad to have your assistance!)

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