Thanks for the link MC.  I had checked them out a couple of yrs ago.  There is 
one that might work that I'll call again.  Their web site is gone but they may 
still be active.  There others were over 2 hrs drive away.

My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and I'm having big problems with this 
new one.  For some reason I can not access any SPCA web sites.  When I had 
checked before they did not do ferals.

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] low-cost neuter-spay resources (ignoring completely the 
> topic of PETA)
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> Date: Thursday, December 3, 2009, 7:46 PM
> look under, "find low cost resources."
> for some reason, not all computers will display results,
> tho in other cases,
> the problem is not waiting long enough for the results to
> show up--the
> database is HUGE. in that case, let me know....
> best bet, unless you live in a big city, is to just look up
> by state, and
> then go through the listings for places nearby: if you go
> by zip code or
> city, you'll miss places a block outside the exact
> match.....
> don't forget to check the couple of nationwide listings, as
> those have
> voucher programs with local vets.
> unfortunately, programs start up--and exhaust their
> funding!--almost as soon
> as we update their listings, so while this is the most
> up-to-date listing
> online as of a year or so ago, it is NOT up-to-the-minute.
> (and if anyone has spare time to take on a state or two,
> we'd be MORE than
> glad to have your assistance!)
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