Someone wrote me that PETA believes eating of any meat is evil.  Cats are meat 
eaters.  Maybe that is it.  

I have now read that they are anti pets and want like to return to the way it 
was before humans interfered with animals.  Cats were in the wild before so I 
don't understand why they hate ferals.  They are just evil, evil people.

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> what is their big thing about
> cats?  why do they hate them so?  they don't want
> people to keep them as pets and yet they do not want ferals
> running about.  they parade around screaming aobut
> people wearing fur coats, do they want to substitute cat fur
> for mink?
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> wrote: 
> > Aren't they vehemently opposed to any "pet ownership"
> at all? But I simply
> > don't get why they would consider this treatment
> "ethical" -- nor how they
> > can justify killing animals by saying they're saving
> them from "future"
> > suffering that might never happen -- and in Sharyl's
> case, would NOT have
> > happened. These people need slapping down. 
> > 
> > Diane R.


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